3 HMONG TV PRESENTS: HEAL HMONG 3. Sponsored by Hmong American Partnership (HAP).

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Contact us at (651)442-7698 if you have any questions about our programs. Check us out on www.facebook.com/3hmongtvnews. Visit our website is for program details.

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All original programs were broadcast on 3HMONGTV LIVESTREAM before being uploaded to our Youtube channel.

Welcome to HBC 3HMONGTV, Hmong News & Entertainment Television. We’re your Twin Cities Hmong Television serving the Hmong community since 2005. We’re here to engage, entertain, and empower.

Our locally produced programs reach a global audience. We keep you up to date on the latest news in the Twin Cities, around the country, and the world.

NEWS PROGRAMMING: Stay connected with the latest local,
national and international news. We
cover stories that matter to the Hmong
community. We’re your source for
Hmong news and information.

TALK SHOWS: Engage yourself with our talk
shows. We discuss a variety of
topics ranging from personal
struggles and successes to healthy
relationships and family issues.

FASHION/LIFESTYLE/FOOD: Discover the latest trends in fashion. Meet interesting
people and hear real life stories of success and
struggle. Learn about their way of life. Find out where to go for delicious Asian cuisines or simply enjoy our home cooking segments featuring
favorite traditional homemade recipes.

HEALTH/EDUCATION: Learn how to keep you and your family healthy
directly from professionals in the health industry.

Hear from local and national experts on the best
practices and strategies in supporting your children’s
education. Learn about educational resources and
how to achieve higher education. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for up-to-date news on politics, business, education, health, current affairs, entertainment, and more from the Hmong community.

POLITICS/BUSINESS: We bring you engaging conversations on politics and business. Find out who represent you in state government and where they stand on issues. Get the latest news on politics, business, and the economy.

ENTERTAINMENT: See local and international rising stars with up-close interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. We showcase the hottest entertainers and artists from around the country. We bring the best in Hmong entertainment, music, dance, and the art.

3HMONGTV is Twin Cities Hmong Television, locally owned and operated by Hmong Broadcasting Company LLC. 3HMONGTV has been serving Hmong in the Twin Cities area with news and information since 2005. Our programs are primarily broadcast in the Hmong language. Minnesota is home to more than sixty thousand Hmong Americans according to the 2010 Census. We’re committed to helping the community. We work and live here which is why we strive to keep the Twin Cities a great and safe place to live. We work hard to improve people’s daily lives through sponsoring local events, volunteering, and encouraging our audiences to help our community.

Our rules for posting comments:
We value freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment and welcome messages that are constructive and meaningful. However, please DO NOT post messages that are insulting, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, and discriminatory. DOING SO WILL RESULT IN THE DELETION OF YOUR MESSAGE. Thank you for your cooperation.

You are not allowed to re-upload our videos. If you do, you will be reported. Thank you for your understanding.

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3HMONGTV | HBC TELEVISION, 475 Etna Street, Ste 8, St. Paul, MN 55106
Website: www.hbctv.net
Phone: (651)442-7698

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