Alcatel Idol 4 – Unboxing & Setup [HD]

Hello everyone! Today I have an unboxing of the Alcatel idol 4! Alcatel is a well known brand to make budget and basic mobile phones with basic features! This phone wasn’t any different! It comes with a magnetic enabled VR (virtual reality) headset (which retails for about $5-$10 on eBay/Amazon) and a phone which for the price you’ve paid could be better! The speakers are amazing, as well as the boom key and reversible screen functionality. Games also play to an amazing standard.


Comes with VR in box
5.2″ FHD screen
360 reversible
13 Mp Camera
Octa core

IDOL 4 series is the new generation of IDOL series, aiming to go further in terms of “premium experiences”. It was made to offer, in a high-end design, augmented experiences to the users, bringing new technologies, special features, plus boosted interface giving the end-users innovative interactions while the phone is being used.

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