Cafe Racer Build Timelapse – Suzuki GS 425

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I found this 1979 Suzuki GS 425 for sale on Facebook Marketplace. It was in very rough shape and pretty much neglected to the point that the bike would have been used for scrap metal if I had not come along and bought it! I removed everything from the bike and restored each part piece by piece. The frame and other components were powdercoated in a seafoam green and the tank and fenders were painted in Audi Nardo Grey.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think of this restoration/custom build!

Please see below for a full parts list for this build! (Paid Links)

Handlebars –
Headlight –
Headlight Mounts –
In Frame LED Taillights –
Rear Brake Light/Turn Signals –
Front Turn Signals –
Gold Chain –
Engine harness/cable wrap –
Engine Paint –
Exhaust Paint –
Grips –
Push Button Switches –
Benchtop Buffer –
Cotton Buffing Wheel –
Polishing Compound –
Mother’s Aluminum Polish –
Ceramic Coating –
Pod Filters –
Crankcase Breather Filter –
Bar End Mirrors –
Speedometer –
Front Fender – Modified Original Part
Shocks – Modified Original Part
Exhaust – Modified Original Part
Seat – Custom Made

Special thanks to Dime City Cycles and Burn Up Company for supporting the build!

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