How to BUILD a $500 HOME GYM on AMAZON

Budget Home Gym Recommendations ↓↓↓↓
➡ All of the Recommendations:

➡ Fitness Reality Power Rack:
➡ RAGE Squat Stand (cheapest currently on Amazon):
➡ AmazonBasics Bench:
➡ $75 CAP Barbell:
➡ CAP Plates:
➡ Clout Fitness Collars:

Building a budget home gym can be a bit difficult due to how many options are available. Today, I want to show you how I would build a full home gym for under $500 exclusively on Amazon, which means it also includes shipping. A lot of this equipment isn’t great and are things you’ll eventually want to upgrade, but to start out, these should get you going.

I would suggest looking at retailers sites as well as they will sometimes offer lower pricing so they don’t have to pay Amazon.

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