Swords Of Legends Online First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

Sword Of Legend Online is the MMORPG version of the popular Chinese RPG “Swords Of Legend” which also has a popular television adaptation to it aswell, Unlike the vast majority of Chinese MMOs however this one uses a subscription model and from what I can tell has no cash shop or pay to win features, This game has only recently gone into open beta and seems to have quite abit of hype surrounding it in China, The game also features action combat, a choice of 6 classes with no genderlock, a highly story driven linear leveling experience, PVP, Dungeons, and an instanced world with moderately large zones.

What are your thoughts on Swords Of Legends Online? would you like to see it come to the west? do you think it would be successful or fail if it did come here? let me know in the comments below!

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—Swords Of Legends Description—

A seemingly non p2w Chinese subscription MMO with 6 classes non of which are gender locked, action combat, beautiful graphics, very good character customization, a very linear but extremely story driven main quest line with a cutscene for every quest, fully voice acted game, allows you to do crazy jumping combos, has some kind of costume system, has a mix of pvp and pve content, high quality audio work, and a strong Chinese aesthetic but with elements of fantasy such as monsters, zombies and elementals

MMORPG, MMO, Chinese, Subscription Based, Free Trial, Non P2w, Action Combat, Instanced World, Good Graphics, Fantasy, 6 Classes, No Genderlock, Story driven, cosmetic customization, voice acted, AAA, Open Beta, No Region Lock, New 2018/2019, PVP, PVE

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Swords Of Legends Online First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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