System interrupts high CPU usage in Windows 10

System interrupts is an OS process and is located in the System32 folder. It is not a malware. If located elsewhere, it just could be. This tutorial will help you understand System interrupts, and how to fix System interrupts high CPU usage in Windows 10.

System Interrupts are like an alert system for CPU. If an issue or a problem needs the attention of CPU, it alters the CPU about it. CPU then stops or suspends what it is doing, saves it, and then takes care of that important job. Once that job is complete, it resumes back to what it was doing earlier.

System interrupts is like a manager which reports to CPU about all interrupts that happen on a hardware level i.e. Hardware interrupts. A lot of interrupts mean that there might be a lot of errors happening on a hardware level, and this is why they start taking a lot of resources.

Note: Never think about disabling System Interrupts. Your PC will become almost useless without it.

Following are a few tips, tricks, and suggestions to fixing this problem:

1] Update Hardware Drivers

2] Rollback Hardware Drivers

3] Unplug External Hardware

4] Disable & Enable Hardware

5] Check Hardware Failure

6] Update Your BIOS/UEFI

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